A Priceless Picture Can Be Brought To Life With A Photo Blanket

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Photo blankets have been available for personalization for many years. With changes in technologies and photo clarity, these personal renditions of life have grown and changed as well. Photo custom blankets are available in a variety of style, but how can we know what each style offers.

Imagine having a treasured photo on a blanket that you can wrap yourself and snuggle in. Photo blankets are becoming the latest trend in photography keepsakes and providing a new way to keep memories close to your heart.

First a picture is scanned into the computer. The computer then uses software to create a program so the image can be transferred to cloth. The use of a computerized weaving looms allows for the image to be woven into the fabric of the blanket. Therefore, there will be no fading of the image after washing or continued use over the years. Once transferred additional effects can be added, such as text borders, shading and coloring.

Picture blankets take the photo image and reproduce the same image onto a blanket surface. The production process is similar to the printing process of a digital photo and the resulting blanket is just as clear. When the photo is dyed onto or into the fabric, there are not separations of color as with the knitted product. Only sharp photo lines and images both up close and far away.

Knitted photo blankets are produced in a similar manner to woven photo blankets. While these blankets tend to use both cotton and acrylic yarns as well, the photo image remains woven, in this case, knitted directly into the fabric of the blanket. The knitting result feels just like a knitted sweater. Again, the far away look of the blanket produces an overall total photo, but when an up close look is taken, separate yarn pieces, knots and colors render the picture unrecognizable.

Some of the latest trends are military photo blankets. These are ideal for military personnel traveling to distant places. Likewise, families back home like keeping their loved one close at heart. Whatever the purpose, photo blankets are a great gift idea or keepsake for anyone!

No matter which type of fleece photo blanket you choose for your special pictures, you'll find the same comfort and warmth as in your favorite cold-weather clothes. These picture blankets are ideal for snuggling on the couch or watching your favorite football team in the colder months, and will continually remind you of the most memorable moments of your life through your chosen printed image.
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A Priceless Picture Can Be Brought To Life With A Photo Blanket

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This article was published on 2010/11/25