How to properly evaluate your own work in photography?

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If you want to get improvement in photography, you can try to review and judge your past photographs. In general, if you have never done such things, you may encounter some difficulties in the infancy. However, even if you already have a habit of retrospection, you may have not mastered the essentials to judge a photo. For example, you may don't know where this photo looks good or how to make it better. In this article we will learn how to evaluate a photo.

What is the story here?

All photos are ultimately telling a story in a variety of ways. If the audience contacts your photos in the mood, then there is a story in the photo. The first challenge you face is to identify what story you want to tell us in the photo.

Technical quality

Does the photo accurately exposure? Is that exposure perfect? Then how about the noise and sharpness?


Whether the composition of this photo helps to express its contents?

Where is the bright spot?

Even if a picture is not perfect, it may has something attract you. Find the bright spot, and figure out why.

The right tools

Will this photo better if you choose different equipments? If so, what are the differences between the actual equipment and expected equipment? Why do you use this camera rather than the expected? Whether the existing equipment can get the kind of results you hope?

Ways to improve

Spending some time to look at a photo, do you find something could be improved or can do more creative?

Do these photos tell a story?

After answering the above questions, we return to the first question to confirm whether they are successfully to tell the story. If the answer is "no", the above questions will be one of more of the reasons why this photo "failed".

If you have just started practicing, it is recommended to use a table to list these questions. It will be very helpful to improve your shooting skills. You do not have to worry about that this work may be a waste of time. It is similar to all of the learning process, you may feel a little awkward and unconformable in the beginning, but once it becomes a habit, it will become a natural thing to do.

The reason why there is helpful to develop the habit of evaluating your own photos is because you are not only sitting in a chair at home to assess your own photos, but also eventually you will have the ability to judge the quality of a photo while shooting.

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How to properly evaluate your own work in photography?

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How to properly evaluate your own work in photography?

This article was published on 2012/12/01