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Have you started to create photo books out of all those photos you take yet? It's easy, if you store your photos in an online gallery. Many online galleries offer you the opportunity to print photo books of your photos. You can have the photo books you create bound like real books, the kind you buy in the bookstore. You can print multiple copies for whomever you see fit to give them to.

Knowing it's so easy to have photo books printed, what do you put in them? No doubt you have lots of photos, but how do you organize them? Your photo books will be more interesting if you organize them by theme. For example, you've probably organized photo albums primarily chronologically. You take some pictures of your dogs, your cats, a beautiful sunset, your mother, your kids, a sporting event, your kids sporting event, a fishing trip with the guys, etc. You dump them all in an album together, more or less in the order you took them. Pearl Photo is providing online photo book printing.

Organizing the photo books you create chronologically is alright, but thinks about this: will everyone who will be interested in the photo books you create want to see all the photos? If you think about it, they probably won't. The kids will want to see pictures of themselves and of the pets, and your spouse will be bored to death by the fishing trip pictures. Your buddies, on the other hand, know what your spouse looks like, could care less about those cute pictures of your fat cat trying to stuff himself into a shoebox, and just want to see the pictures of the fishing trip you went on with them. Why not, then, organize your photo books by theme?

You took the time and energy to buy the camera and figure out how to use it. Why not take a little more time to organize your photos into themes for each specific audience? That way you can create photo books you know your friends and family will enjoy. It just might encourage you to take more pictures too. If your kids love the photo books you create of your beloved pets, wouldn't that spur you on to take more photos of your pets?

You can even add text to your photo books. This can range from the very simple and obvious, merely describing what's in the picture, to more complex storytelling. For example, you can come up with witty captions for the fishing trip photos (if ever any vacation inspired witty captions, it'd be a fishing trip, wouldn't it?) You can, of course, include ordinary information like dates, times, places, and people's names, but you can also have some fun with it too. In fact, you can add more text than just the description of the photos if you want. For example, if you take pictures every time your son has a little league game, you can include reports on the game and even box scores.

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Online Photo Book Printing

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This article was published on 2011/02/21