Why professional photographers should not send all photos to their clients?

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For many professional or part-time photographers, they may often encounter the situation that their clients ask them for the whole photos shot during the work. In general, the photographers will try to convince the clients to not to do so, and sometimes may even reject such a request, and then the clients are so confused and even angry. However, why photographers will not give all the photos to the clients? Following are views of Alexander Soloviev.

1. Clear customers' rights

First, the clients do not have the right to get the production of semi-finished products. Just imagine that if you ask an artist to paint, whether you will require the artist to give you the sketch? The photo is the same. The photographs that photographer have shot may have many "draft" or "scrap". These photos do not belong to the final products that photographer has to hand over to the customers.

2. The damage for the photographers

Some customers may still in doubt, what the photographers will lose if they give the whole photographs to the customers? Indeed. The photos that photographer send to clients need to careful selection and editing. The photographs are always representing the photographer's reputation. If the customers show the semi-finished photos that without selection and editing to others, it will damage the reputation of the photographer.

3. Truth behind a photo

Let's face it, not every photograph is perfect. The photographers may shoot a lot of photos in a shooting, which may be many of them are in a same posture and content, and even a large number of terrible photos. Shooting in the scene is just a small part of the job of the photographers. They also need further selection and editing for the photographs to finish the final works. These are best results what you can get.

4. Trust your photographer

If you still want to see all the pictures, then ask yourself why. Do you think that there are many wonderful works in those photos waiting for deleting? Just trust your photographer, you choose him because you appreciate his talent and technique. Just believe that they will make every effort to give you the best results. Take out your trust, allowing the photographer to complete their work.

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Why professional photographers should not send all photos to their clients?

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Why professional photographers should not send all photos to their clients?

This article was published on 2012/12/27